1. The Raconteurs
    Nashville, Tennessee
  2. Olivia Jean
    Nashville, Tennessee
  3. Lillie Mae
    Nashville, Tennessee
  4. Sleep
    San Jose, California
  5. Margo Price
    Nashville, Tennessee
  6. David Nance
    Omaha, Nebraska
  7. Long Hots
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. Guitar Wolf
    Tokyo, Japan
  9. Mdou Moctar
    Agadez, Niger
  10. Joshua Hedley
    Nashville, Tennessee
  11. Craig Brown Band
    Detroit, Michigan
  12. The Stools
    Detroit, Michigan
  13. Teddy and The Rough Riders
    Nashville, Tennessee
  14. Yak
    Wolverhampton, UK
  15. POW!
    San Francisco, California
  16. Bush Tetras
    New York, New York
  17. Iron & Wine
    Austin, Texas
  18. Boris
    東京都, Japan


Third Man Records Nashville, Tennessee

Third Man is an innovator in the world of vinyl records and a boundary pusher in the world of recorded music, aiming to bring tangibility and spontaneity back into the record business and issue releases that leave no doubt in the minds of listeners that music is indeed sacred. ... more

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